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Dream Dome 

“Live in the scenery and let nature be the guest bedroom”. 100% transparent design, 360°"

Discussion on the Dreams Domes as a vast Improvement for the Glamping industry
-with Gerard and Diana

video discussion in the making...

The Starry Sky  Series

Stand alone Domes in a variety of sizes 

and configurations   [Catalog Section A]

New 6M.png

The 10 Meter "King Dome" 
9 Meter dome
8 Meter "Queen Dome"

Perfect for family and group vacations

Screen Shot 2022-08-15 at 2.32.21 PM.png
D10M 6.png

Customizable floor plans and structural configurations.

Dreamdomes D9.0M-All technic info Introduction-compressed- all customer-aug 2022_Page_04.j

For detailed technical information on the large Domes

DD 7M.jpeg

Dreamdomes series is a brand-new dome house product that we have created.
The product structure has a 360-degree transparent view.
The main material of the product adopts imported polycarbonate (basic material of bullet-proof glass and explosion-proof shield) and aviation aluminum frame, which provides both strength and security.
The structure keeps out insects, snakes, and larger animals (unless you leave the door wide open with a platter of New York Strips on the table).
At the same time, the product adopts modular assembly design, the installation and disassembly process is simple and fast, and the on-site assembly cost is low. 

Selected Materials, Exquisite Workmanship The transparent part is made of polycarbonate material imported from Bayer, Germany, with double-sided UV coating, strong weather resistance and long service life. The aluminum part is made of aviation aluminum, integrated drawing and bending process. The doors and windows are double sealed, suitable for outdoor applications. It's wind/water/sand/mosquito-proof!

Dome 5.3 Blue2.jpeg
Norway Dome 1L.jpeg
DD 5.3.png

The External Connected Bathroom Dome

The 2.1M Dome is the standard dome for an attached bathroom. However, as seen below in the section on "Creating Glamping dome Compounds", the bathrooms can come in many sizes.

DD Bathroom.jpg
2.1 Bathroomc.jpeg
2.1 Bathroom.png

Single Domes with Integrated Bathrooms

There are definite advantages to the integrated dome bathrooms, but in the end it is mostly about aesthetics.

DD Bathroom 3_edited.jpg
DD Batroom 4.jpeg

Perfect Detail Design

Perfect bathroom solution with an integrated SMC bathroom floor. There is no need to lay floor tiles, overall waterproof and easy construction. The outer RGB LED Strip Light adopts aluminum backplane with the overall snap splicing method, it's easy to install and maintain. The aluminum alloy base comes with special weak current Wire trough, hidden wires, simple and beautiful.


Star Capsule


This series crosses over between being  a potential glamping dome but functioning very well as a dining room or small conference room.

[Catalog B section, pgs 25- 32]

Image-place-holder (1).png
Hotcapsule Bath.jpeg

Some customers want a bathroom with no view so now we have a brilliant alternative for you.

Here the customer can choose whether some of the "wall panels" and possibly the "ceiling" should be transparent. There are several colors to choose from.

Star Capsule_edited_edited.jpg
Screen Shot 2023-09-11 at 10.29_edited.j

Connect Dream Domes to Create multifunctional Glamping compounds

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